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Scentsy Espania - Training trip to Spain

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Wickfree World Tour - Viva Scentsy Espania 

 Scentsy Superstar directors, Alexandra and Scott Wickfree, Spanish team leadersScentsy Superstar Director, Alexandra Wickfree with Scentsy Spain consultant, Marie Charles in Mijas

One of the greatest things about our Scentsy home business is the ammount of travelling we can personally do.  I know that home business and travelling for work seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum but for me its a HUGE BENEFIT or owning my own candle business.  Most of our consutlants are happy to work from home, but a few of us have a real wanderlust so having team in farflung parts, who need training, gives us a great reason to travel.  This time we journeyed to Spain for four weeks to host training meetings, opportunity events and enjoy some great bonding days with our Scentsy Espania teamies.

Meeting Spanish scentsy consultants in malagaScentsy Espania Fun Team Day Out - Mijas Mayan Monkey Chocolate Factory

Our journey started in Malaga, on the Costa del sol.  This is home to Spanish Scentsy Consutlants, including Marie and Belen, and we had some great fun with them.  We went out to visit the stunning mountain village of Mijas where we had a chance to make our very own chocolate bars at the Mijas Mayan Monkey Chococlate Factory (See our you tube vid here).  We took strolls around the stunning city and port of Malaga, did some great market research on the candle and fragrance market in Spain and had a few fun training events down at the port.  We hired a car and travelled on to Nerja to meet Sarah and a few other ladies who were interested in starting Scentsy candle businesses in Spain.  This also gave Theia a chance to go and play on the beach and have some paddleing fun - it was over 22 degrees there every day!

Spanish Scentsy Training - Stop to play on the beachScentsy Visit to Granada - Albacin

We left Nerja to visit the ancient Moorish city of Granada.  We had a few important duties planned - visit the Alhambra Palace, the ancient township of Albaicin, eat Jamon Asado in Avila Cafe (AWESOME) and host an opportunity event to encourage more people to join Scentsy in Spain.  We took our little lady out on the tourist train and then took her to see the Alhambra with Scentsy Sister Arlene; seeing the arcitecture of this castle blew me away (and i could see where Scentsy got a few of its design ideas from - Morocan Stencil Warmer and Damask Warmer Covers).  Granada is a cultural treat, full of noise, buskers, amazing food and a clash of moorish and spanish design - i hope we can get more people to become Scentsy Consultants in Granada so i can visit again soon!

Scentsy Espana Visit - Alhambra Palace with Team MemberScentsy Spain - visiting consultant in Murcia/ Costa del Sol

From Granada we travelled on to Los Arboleas and met our newest team member, ex pat brit Sara-Jayne and her hubby Andy.  We had great fun drinking milky coffees (cant remember the fancy spanish name for them) and helping them with new sales ideas.  The meeting must have helped as Sara0Jayne has now gone on to get her first promotion.  Next stop was Murcia which doesnt have any Scentsy representatives yet.  I was keen to find some team members in each area so it was time to put everythign i teach my team in to action and give out samples, talk to people and network.  This is easier said than done when Spanish is not your native tongue - but i am always happy to try and learn.  

Scentsy spain opportunity meeting

We left Murcia and drove a few hours down the Costa Del Sol, past the eyesore that is Benidorm (unreal how high the skyscrapers are) and on to Denia and the Costa Blanca.  Here we held a fun filled Scentsy Opportunity meeting in a playbarn - our little lady entertained the kids and we wowed a few mummies with the chance to become work from home mummies in Spain.  I have to say i think i fell in love with the whole area there it is kid freindly, warm even in January and has one of the best indian restuarants i have visited in Javea/Xavia!  We finished our three day visit by meeting Guillermo, our first potential Spanish Scentsy Man, for a meeting in Oliva - here i not only had to navigate Spanish, but found out that here they speak Valenciana spanish... we laughed a lot and google translate worked hard!

Scentsy spain visit - bike ride in Valencia with wickfree family

Valencia saw us staying right in the city center and unfortunatly the trip was marred with illness and accident. We all started by getting a horrid gastro bug and then i fell in a drain (dont even ask) and getting sick again from dirty water.  Thank godness my Scentsy business allows me to work from home becuae we were too ill to leave the apartment for most of the stay.  Valencia is a stunning and vibrant city with an amazing park built on the old riverbed right in the heart of the city.  We did end up well enough to take a fun bike ride through it with Theia, but even that was hit with a freak hurrican strom and we had to take cover under a bridge.

Scentsy spain meeting with consultant in madrid - patty

Scentsy Spain - Consultore Premero Espana and Superstar Director Alexandra Wickfree

Our final stop was Madrid, a place where we have a few Scentsy team members now including Patty, Lissy and Zazu.  We had fun visitng the botanic gardens and trutles in Atocha train station with Lissy and talking business (and learning how to talk Scentsy in Spanish).  We also spent a few days out and about in the city with Patty, exploring fun shops (Ale-hop and TIGER) and trying to get a decent cup of tea which we drew a blank on! Being able to visit Spain to train and support our Spanish Scentsy consultants and, i hope encourage more people to join this great direct sales company, has been a great adventure. I think all three of us have a fallen in love with Spain, its people and culture - Viva Espania and Viva Scentsy in Spain.

Scentsy Spain Visit - Scentsy Superstar Director build direct sales team in Spain

If you are intersted in join this direct sales company and starting a home candle bsuiness in Spain then please contact me for an information pack on Scentsy Espania here.


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