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Earn Extra Income for XMAS

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Join Scentsy and Earn a Great Christmas Bonus

Are you currently wondering how you are going to pay for Christmas, already telling everyone its going to be a meager one or planning to put it all on credit cards and face the headache in January? Well there is another way - why not start your own home business selling candles with Scentsy Fragrance?  We are facing unprecedented demand for our products this year and quite simply we need help - YOUR HELP!  Scott and I just cant find the time to do all the parties, events and sales evenings we are being invited to - Scentsy is the must have gift for Christmas 2015 and we need more Scentsy consutlants in Ireland, Northern Ireland and across the UK to deliver meetthis demand.

start your own home business selling candles and diffusers with scentsy fragrance


For a tiny one off investment in your display kit you get to start up a candle business with world class training and support, chance to win five star holidays, loads of freebie candles, oils and wax warmers and the chance to this Christmas a debt free one!  One of the biggest things our team have gotten from becoming Scentsy consultants is a global network of friends and a sense of being a worthwile person again.  Scott and I have now helped over 1000 people begin working from home and we always say - its your business your way and we love seeing all the success stories happen.  If you want to make your Christmas one full of cheer, pack away that credit card and ask for our scentsy recruting information pack here.

Start a home business today with scentsy in ireland and the UK

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