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Scentsy's New Ultrasonic Diffuser

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Scentsy to Launch an Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Scentsy is launching a stunning new Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser and range of 21 essential oils, essential oil blends and 100% natural oils this September across Europe.  The Scentsy diffuser is world-class and will give fragrance lovers an instant fragrance experience as the oils are turned into a microscopic mist.  With is stunning ceramic or glass covers this is going to be a signature home decor piece in even the most exclusive homes.  It is also the worlds most advance ultrasonic diffuser, with interchangeable decorative shades, 16 lighting options and 3 mist settings.  

This diffuser, when teamed with Scentsy quality new Scentsy oils range, will take your fragrance experience to the next level.  You will be able to choose your lighting setting, including a candle flicker, your colour from 16 choices to match your home decor and how much scent you get with our clever mist settings.  The Diffuser can give up to 8 hours of fragrancing on one tank of water with 4-5 drops of oil.  Pricing details for the Scentsy Diffuser will be £144/€173 and the Scentsy Oils are competativly priced from £11/€13.25-£40/€48.  Fragrances will include our Bliss scent of relaxing geranium, amyris and ylang ylang ground with oilbanum to bring harmony to any home.

This video shows how the Scentsy Diffuser works to bring scent and harmony to your home...


The scentsy diffuser - ultrasonic oil diffuser from scentsy

Here you can see Apsire, Instill and Evolve Scentsy Diffusers.


scentsy oil - essential oils from scentsy on sale in uk/ireland

 Our Scentsy oils are all natural sourced from around the world to give you the best quality.  We will be offering blends and several 100% natural oils - you can mix your oils to make your own personal fragrance experience as well.  These will come in 15 ml bottles and we advise you use 4-5 drops per tank of water and with approx 500 drops per bottle this will give you over a months fragrance per bottle - so it will be cost effective and beautiful way to add fragrance into your home.  Want this Scentsy Diffuser HALF PRICE - the message me today to book your home party event in Spetember. 

For more details on this product or to pre-order your Scentsy Diffuser and Oils please contact us here.



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  1. Diane Lyn Harris

    Any chance I can just purchase this from you please? I don't have time for a party as I spend most of my time looking after my elderly mother who's had a stroke unfortunately. So I would like to see the range if possible please. Thank YES DIANE _ I WILL MESSAGE YOU xx

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  2. Amy

    Do you know if this will be coming to New Zealand?? I need this. YES IT IS DO YOU WANT THE NAME OF A LOCAL SELLER THERE?

    Posted on

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