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Join Scentsy - Special Offer for New Consultants

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Join Scentsy in June -

Earn a Free Booster Kit

Best time to join Scentsy is June 2015!  Why?

  • Scentsy Starter Kit only €99/£84 and includes everything you need to get started
  • Free shipping on your Scentsy Starter Kit (usually €10/£9)
  • Free Shooting Star Enhancement Kit (6 warmers, four bars and loads more) when you sell 500 PRV in your first 15 days (valued over €400/£350!!)
  • Earn commission on all sales, right from the start
  • Join to start earning a free trip to Cozumel during June and July
  • Set your Scentsy business up for the big autumn and christmas sales season

For our free detailed information pack on how to start your Scentsy candle business please contact me here.

How to get started selling Scentsy

Join scentsy in june special offer on starting your home candle business

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