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Fun with our Scentsy France Consultants

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 Trip to Visit our Scentsy

Consultants in France

You guys know Scott and I love to travel so when Scentsy Fragrance opened in France we were thrilled to have an excuse to visit the land of red wine, great food and Gallic charm.  We now have a great team of French Scentsy consultants so we decided to go to Toulouse to visit with our two French team leaders, Pascal and Kat.  We were made so welcome by both them and their families so i wanted to share a few of my favourite photos from our trip.  

Scentsy france consultants meet Scentsy Directors - the wickfree family

 Here we are meeting one of Scentsy France's consutlant leaders, Kat Rosier, in Toulouse - Theia is watching us taking a picture ;-)

Visiting scentsy france consultant Kat in Toulouse

Scentsy is a very family friendly company so we went out as families sightseeing around Toulouse and then went for the most wonderful Indian dinner. 

Scentsy toulouse - visiting france in the snow

Then we all spent the afternoon playing in the snow. drinking hot chocolate and eating pastry - honestly working your own candle business in france is really good fun ;-)

Scentsy Carcassonne - visiting the castle

 We love our history so our Scentsy Man in France, Pascal Messina, took us to see the Medieval city of Carcassonne.  Walking round this city it was clear to see where Disney got its inspiration for all those castles!  I had a blast using my college French on Pascal and his wife Veronique whilst google translate did the job for Scott.

Messinafamilycandles meets the wickfree family - french scentsy consultants having fun

 This is one of my favourite photos of the Wickfree Family meeting the MessinaCandles Family.  Pascal started his home candle business with Scentsy because he loved the safety aspect of our candles (no flames) following a house fire in his parents home.   

 Celebrating the france's scentsy success

 As you blog readers know we also love to eat...so imagine our delight when we were invited to have dinner at with the Messina Family and lunch with Kat and her family - we enjoyed champagne, and the traditional Toulousian Cassoulet, and played with Kat's raclette (the same one Velata sells in the USA).  You can see our YUMMY food experiences in technicolor on our You Tube videos below.  


Scentsy is a work from home business technically - but i love the fact we have made it our work from anywhere business.  We have made new friends in Kat and Pascal and their families and if you would like to be become part of our Scentsy team and family in france or anywhere please contact me for our free information pack.

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