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Wednesday Wise Words....Quotes to Inspire

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Set Sail to Success...

Every wednesday we share our favourite picture quotes on our Scentsy team page as part of wise words wednesday.  This week one of our brightest new Australian Scentsy Representatives posted a quote that really struck a cord with me - so i posted it for you all below.

A ship in port is safe but that is not what ships are built for - quote

As directors Scott and I are always asking people to leave their ports, moving out of thier comfort zones to make sales and talk to people about joining Scentsy.  In mentoring these people there is nothing more exciting than seeing someone try something new which scares them and gain success from it.  We always talk about how 'Success Starts at the End of your Comfort Zone' and it is so very true.  As your mother may have told you when you were little and struggling with something 'If you never try you will never know' and as we know mums are always right - arent we ;-)


I love the thought that we are all ships and that we have the opportunity to choose to saty in port, safe and secure and unbeaten by the tides of dissapointment.  However we can choose to put up our sails and hit the seas and find success by venturing outside our comfort zone and trying new things.  This post reminded me that we control our destinys and we can choose a life of safety and mediocrity or we can try for greatness, exctiment and riches.  So remember you are a ship next time you have the chance to try something new, break out and enjoy success - so go and sail to success!

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