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Time for Tea?

teaheart - scentsy teapot warmer - heart in a cup of tea

Who can tell me what is the national drink of Ireland...no, it's not Guinness, it's TEA! Where ever we go on our travels across the country, Scott and I love nothing more than enjoying a nice pot of tea (as many of instagram and facebook fans will know).  

Scentsy Ireland director Alexandra Wickfree enjoys a cup of tea

The Irish love their tea - it's rare to order tea there and not have it come in a teapot with sugar bowl, milk jug and tea cups - you can even order it in the pub and no one will bat an eyelid at you either.  So i am thinking that Scentsy's new vintage teapot wax warmer is going to be a huge hit across Ireland and Northern Ireland.  

teapot scentsy warmer - buy scentsy teapot warmer online

 Scentsy Vintage Teapot Warmer - lets raise a cuppa as it’s teatime! This dusty pink teapot is topped with a delicate rosebud and an embossed, scalloped pattern.  And perhaps you can enjoy melting a cube or two of White TEA and Cactus Scentsy Bar in it.

You can buy this stunning teapot candle warmer online at www.wick-freecandles.scentsy.ie with delivery across europe.  To download our full electronic catalogue of the new Scentsy Autumn and Winter 2014 range please click here.



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