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How Scentsy helped my depression

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What Mork Taught Me Today...

Just yesterday the world cried as we found out that beloved comic, Robin Williams, had dies from a suspected suicide after fighting severe depression.  Many quotes, pictures and homilies have been posted since on social media in the last 24 hours.  I was most touched though by the Mork and Mindy Sketch that i have posted below where Mork, played by Williams, reports back about lonliness and how it blights humanity.  

 Robin Williams as Mork... from scentsy

"Mork & Mindy: In Mork We Trust (#1.21)" (1979)

Orson: The report, Mork.

Mork: This week I discovered a terrible disease called loneliness.

Orson: Do many people on Earth suffer from this disease? 

Mork: Oh yes sir, and how they suffer. One man I know suffers so much he has to take a medication called bourbon, even that doesn't help very much because then he can hear paint dry. 

Orson: Does bed rest help? 

Mork: No because I've heard that sleeping alone is part of the problem. You see, Orson, loneliness is a disease of the spirit. People who have it think that no one cares about them. 

Orson: Do you have any idea why?

Mork: Yes sir you can count on me. You see, when children are young, they're told not to talk to strangers. When they go to school, they're told not to talk to the person next to them. Finally when they're very old, they're told not to talk to themselves, who's left?

Orson: Are you saying Earthlings make each other lonely? 

Mork: No sir I'm saying just the opposite. They make themeslves lonely, they're so busy looking out for number one that there's not enough room for two. 

Orson: It's too bad everybody down there can't get together and find a cure. 

Mork: Here's the paradox sir because if they did get together, they wouldn't need one.

I realised reading it how true the words were, how sick we are as a human race and how we can be surrounded by people and feel so isloated by them.  I am no stranger to depression and openly admit to having suffered it after all my children's births and also due to family losses and work placed stress as well.  I was suffering a depressive episode when joined Scentsy yet just one year later, as i looked back over my first year working from home, i realised that the depression was gone.  

I wasnt lonely anymore and had found kindred spirits in many consutlants who had gone through similar issues themselves, it was as if we were healing each other. i found a sense of direction and  belonging as we built our Scentsy team.  I grew in confidence with each promotion i earned or trip Scott and I took and i started to find a new me that i liked, and so did others.  

In Scentsy we say you should give more than you take, and to help others achive their goals and you will reach your own from doing this.  Mork was right, once you stop looking after number one and look out to help others, heal others and care about others we can beat loneliness and depression.  So from this great star's passing i am reminded that my own healing and self worth can come from helping others more than i help myself.  RIP Robin Williams and thanks for the memories.






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