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Scentsy In New Zealand - When is it Coming?

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 Will Scentsy Open in New Zealand ? Oh I Hope So....

I just love Facebook it has kept me in touch with so many old friends make many new ones.  Yesterday an friend i made during our Rugby Trip to New Zealand in 2008 got in touch using the great friend connector.  Chatting with her reminded me of so many amazing memerys from that four month journey.  She was keen to find out all about life since we left, she was stunned to hear about our new baby Theia and she was thrilled at how well we are doing with our home candle business.  She ended our chat by asking how she could become a consutlant and wanted to know when was Scentsy coming to New Zealand and was i coming to launch it.

She got me thinking about how cool it would be to visit the land of the long white cloud again, thats the name the native Maori gave it.  I loved all the Maori history and customs; i found them to be a very creative and kind people with a rich knowledge of their impact on the earth.  When we were in New Zealand we took hundereds of great pictures - these are just a few of out best memories for you.

Scentsy director Wickfree Scott in New Zealand, Palmerston North

 We went to Palmerston North, New Zealand so Scott could play rugby

Scentsy directors in New Zealand, Wickfree Family

Here we are on Mount Ruapehu enjoying the views

Wickfree Family Scentsy director's new zealand house and car

 This was our New Zealand Home and Little Car - we went all over the North Island in this singing Newton Faulkner's 'Dream Catch Me' song.

scentsy directors in new zealands enjoying the wind

 The weather in New Zealand was wild at times - here i am battling the winds on a volcano!

New Zealand Trip - scentsy Directors cooking

We had a tiny kitchen in the house but we cooked the best fresh lamb dinners as a famliy

New zealand - scentsy director scott in his big bear jacket

New Zealand was cold so Scott got his awesome Big Bear Jacket there

New Zealand Scentsy directors trip - loving the hats

We are known in Ireland for our bright hats - and we started wearing them in New Zealand!

Scentsy directors visit Wellington, New Zealand

We loved our time in Wellington, New Zealand but next time we visit we want to tour the South Ireland as well

We left because i got offered a job and we had the chance to settle down and make a life there - i know how odd you are all thinking!  Well the job was 48 hours per week plus commute and i wanted to run my own business.  I didnt want to work for the man anylonger and Scott and i had dreams to work together, be self employed and masters of our own lives.  With our visas running out we had no option but to leave.  My desire to be self employed was so strong i turned down the chance to live permenantly in New Zealand for myself and family but i knew returning to a real job would make me unhappy.

How exciting to think that just six years later we could be on the brink of returning to New Zealand but this time i would be self employed. I think it will only be a matter of time before my friends can join scentsy in New Zealand and i cant wait to get there and train them all.  Leaving New Zealand was one of the hardest decisions to make but i had to be true to my goal in life.  I think i made the right desision now as i wait for to sayth e words 'you can now become a Scentsy Consutlant in New Zealand and i am going to come and see you'.  What a brillaint advernture that will be!



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