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Scentsy in Australia - Want to be a Stay at Home Mum?

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Calling All Australian Mummys - Scentsy Needs You!

Being a mother is probably the most important job in the world; raising the next generation  to be good, kind and productive people. Hey just think someone somewhere is now raising the next Australian Prime minister so more should be done to help us to be stay at home mothers (SAHM) if we want.  Too many mothers and family are dependant on a regular income, medical insurance, company cars and sick pay, or the adult company having a job gives them so staying home to raise their precious children is not an option.  Starting a work from home business with Scentsy Fragrance can let you become a SAHM - it has worked for me and over 2000 pioneer Australian Scentsy Consultants.

baby theia and mummy - work from home with scentsy

Helping other women and men become stay at home parents is something i am really passionate about because i know the stain and misery that can come from having to leave your little ones for work.  I had to return to shift work when my first daughter was only 11 weeks old and we had just really started to bond.  I was forced to stop breastfeeding, juggle childcare/work/house work and my university course and it me to breaking down with severe postnatal depression.   Now i run a succesful Scentsy candle business so i can now stay home to enjoy my new baby girl, Theia. Frankly i wouldnt have been able to go through that again and have another baby if i had to keep working so being a SAHM has made having her possible - and i want to help others have the same choice.  

For a one-off low-cost you can buy a Scentsy business starter kit and e-commerce website and from the moment you click JOIN SCENTSY you are able to start working.  Joining our team (the Emerald All Stars) will give you access to hours of our supportive global team, one on one mentoring and group training.  I work my Scentsy home business with my partner Scott so you can get twice the support and advice.  As Scentsy Annual Mentor Award Winners we have helped over 600 mothers and fathers, including over 100 Australians, to set up succesful Scentsy candle businesses - so I know we can help you.

wickfree scentsy family on scentsy incentive trip greece 2014

We know the struggles facing parents to work from home; having to work and live in the same place can mean the house work gets left, meals times become fluid and working during little people's nap times in the norm.  We also live the benefits of being work from home parents - we can travel and holiday when we want, we have seen all Theia's major developments first hand and we can write our own pay cheques each month.  What is there not to love about becoming a work from home mum or dad and a Scentsy Australia consultant?

If you want more information on how your can start your own home candle business with Scentsy Fragrance on our team please click here.

If you are ready to join us and start your work from home candle business click here and enter your country to begin the sign up process.




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