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How to use Facebook to Recruit a Sales Team

In this online training seminar Wickfree, Scentsy Director of Team Emerald All Stars shares with you some of the secrets to becoming a recruiting master using Facebook.  In just 12 months Scott and I have recruited and trained over 80 new frontline team and earned Scentsy's coverted Annual Mentoring award as well as earning incentive trips to Mexico and Greece.  Many of these new Scentsy Consultants came from relationships formed on Facebook and other social media networks.  We want to help all of you in direct sales to build your teams from scratch by giving you some simple but effective techniques to get you generating recruitment leads and signing in team members straight away.

Heidi thompson scentsy president and wickfree scott scentsy director

Click here to learn how to recruit 5/10 new consutlants per month using facebook.

If you are looking to start a succesful direct sales business you should consider Scentsy.  Our business is fun, flexible and a route to the lifestyle you realy want for you and your family.  Please contact me here for a free information pack. 




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