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Holiday Memories with my Scentsy Bars

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Summer Holiday Scent Memories 

The Wickfree Family is currently enjoying a break in Turkey, soaking up the late afternoon sun and trying to escape the blistering heat of 48 deg C plus.   I overdid it in garden earlier helping Carys cut some roses for the house.  I have to say though when I walked in earlier the smell was so close to Scentsy’s Simply Rose Scented Candle bar you would swear we had the Scentsy warmer on.  Fragrance is such a powerful sense, it can trigger memories in a flash without even trying so as I sit in the sun here are a few Turkish holiday scent memories. 

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Whenever I melt Rio Beach Scentsy Bar in my Wax Warmer (on closeout sale for only €5/£4) I am transported back to our first visit here when Carys was just eight years old and spent al day long in the villa pool.  Sun safety is a big thing for us so I used to make douse her in some factor gazillion sun cream, which always smelt of coconut – or Rio Beach as we now call it.  

kid putting on scentsy suncream

Every time we land in Turkey after a night flight as we leave the airport I am greeted with the welcoming scent of Night Blooming Jasmine.  I grin every time I smell it as it signals the end of a long journey and the start of a few wondrous weeks on family fun and relaxation.  Jasmine is also in my favorite olive oil soaps which I always stock up on in Fethiye Market. Jasmine is used in over 15 of our fragranced candle bars - from Honeymoon Hideaway to White Jasmine and Vertiver.  Night blooming Jasimine is found in our Enchanted Mist bar, which also contains rose and apple scents in it.

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My Father in Law loved to tend to the villa garden and his favorite plants are his cacti collections.  They range from tiny flowering ones to a few I swear you would see in the dessert of Arizona, the spikes are bigger than sewing needles! Back home we stick to a less prickly, more child friendly White Tea and Cactus Scentsy Bar.  It is one of our best selling candle bars and a very relaxing spa fragrance – I have it in our Scentsy Zen Rock Warmer and use it when meditating.

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I love taking the boat trips and going snorkeling with Scott and Carys in the Blue Island Bays.  We always visit the same places including the bay with the rope swing where we take turns launching ourselves into crazy dives inches from the rock launch pad. I can’t wait to see Theia joining her big sister being a little daredevil in a few years.  We always come home filing the car with sand and stinking of seawater but sun kissed and happy.  Scentsy’s By the Sea Scented Candle (and has Jasmine in it hehehe) captures the essence of crisp sea air and I find warming it revitalises me.

Scentsy wickfree family on holidays

Long after we are home, bikini’s packed away and flip flops stored in the wardrobe I can still recreate our best holiday moment simply by flicking on my Scentsy Warmer and filling it with one of our eighty plus yummy candle fragrances.  If you have a fragrance you love and want to enjoy why not use our clever fragrance finder app on the website to track down our candle bars which give those smells.  Click here to find your perfect Scentsy Candle Bars.



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