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Celebrating being a Work From Home Mummy

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Baby Theia is super at seven months

 Baby thiea seven months old - work from home scentsy mummy

Watching Theia roll around the carpet chasing an orange (yes cheap play toys here) and shouting ‘BABA’ at the top of her lungs I cant help but smile and feel truly lucky.  These last seven months have flown by in a flash but I have been there to witness all her milestone developments and many more because I now work from home with Scentsy. With her big sister, Carys, I was back in work (unhappily I might add) when she was a mere 11 weeks old, had to give up feeding her myself and felt sad every time her nursery nanny excitedly told me what new and wonderful skills she had learnt.  

 daddy and theia fun - work from home daddy

In the last month Theia has learnt to talk in a fashion, saying baba, dada and muma.  Scott and I simply cant agree on his claim the ‘Dada’ was her first word but we agree that she clearly recognises us as she yells Muma in the mornings for me to go and feed her.  She is now rolling around like a circus tumbler, but still shows no real interest in sitting up (yes I did google this to see if it was an issue but its not) but she does enjoy being at table height with us in her highchair watching us work or eat.   Best of all (will I say this when she starts tearing round the room, knocking everything over?) Theia is making crawling motions and starting to test her legs. 

 theia swim time

I am amazed at how fast she is developing a personality.  In just a few hundred days she has gone from the newborn amoeba like state to a giggler with a keen sense of fun and a love of mischief.  Her favourite games include chasing her orange round the floor (yes it is sterilized), belly trumps and 1,2,3 rocket ship into the pool.  She has had her first taste of swimming and seems to prefer being in mummy’s arms in the pool – in fact she shouts for me (yes I am grinning at being the favourite for once).   

sleepy theia 

I often wish I could freeze frame on her as she seems to be growing up far to fast – but I cant so I make do with photographing and videoing her every move.   I hope you enjoyed seeing a few of her best snaps from her seventh month with us in this blog.  You can Subscribe to us on You Tube and catch a many more of her fun times with the Wickfree Family. 

baby theia and mummy

Theia wanted to show you here swimming here....heheheh she is a little mermaid!



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