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Scentsy Warmers - I am Missing Mine

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Why You Should Never Lend Your Scentsy Warmer Out

OMG I AM MISSING MY SCENTSY  -  I leant my Fizz Scentsy Warmer from my hallway out in a scentsy basket party the other day to a friend who is thinking of to becoming a Scentsy consultant.  I thought as I was going on my holidays this wouldn’t cause any issues and was indeed very generous of me as all my other loan warmers were out…oh how wrong I was.   From the moment I returned home that night I missed the welcoming glow of the porcelain warmer but I missed the scent of Lemon Verbena Scentsy bar in it! Instead of being greeted with the intoxicating blends of Fresh lemon zest, bright kaffir lime, and verbena leaf on opening the front door I was assaulted in the nostrils with wet beach dog….YUK!

 eliminate wet dog smells - use scentsy candle bars

As many of you know I am not lacking in warmers (just watching my tour of the Scentsy warmers in my home last year confirms this).  In fact at Christmas I think we had three limited edition ones in the lounge all on the go at once with Scott’s favorite candle fragrance, Peppermint Dreams, in them.  So yes all the other rooms smelt fab BUT the Scentsy in the hallway is the sentinel, the meeter and greeter and creates the atmosphere as I come home.  As I always tell new Scentsy customers; the greatest benefit of a Scentsy warmer is you can leave our safe flameless candles plugged in all day long, so when you come home and open the door you walk in to a fresh smelling and welcoming home.  

scentsy warmers are a simple safe way to enjoy candle fragrance in the home

I think these words are truer than ever having spent two long days enjoying such smells as wet dog, bin-bag by the door and worst yet sweaty teenagers gym shoes.  Each time I opened the door to a visitor, UPS man or Scentsy customer I was no longer flinging the door wide open, confident my house smelled (and therfore was) clean and picture perfect.  Instead I was standing with my head poked through a crack in the doorway trying to get said doorknockers to go away before the hallway odors got them.  I had visions of them running off to tell their nearest and dearest that the Drogheda’s Scentsy rep’s house was a stinky pit! 

lemon verbena

It sure is true you don’t know what you have got until it is gone and I guess I had forgotten how much house pride my little Scentsy has given me.  So I think I need to show my Scentsy Fizz Warmer some appreciation when I get it home.  It will get nice clean from dish to base and some new yummy wax cubes of Lemon Verbena Scentsy candle to top it off.   If I have to loan one of my own warmers again I think I will loan them my Scentsy Flowervine warmer from my bedroom instead.  Then again I may not sleep as soundly without the soothing effects of French lavender Scentsy bar warming beside me.  Crumbs I think I will just use buy some more loan warmers and keep mine just for me – yes , my pretties, my precious ones! 

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