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Well i have been rather quiet on here havent I! Can i excuse myself now and say i have been away travelling?  Afterall in the last month i visited Crete, Athens, Paris and Turkey for a Scentsy Incentive Trip, A 40th Birthday and a family getaway.  This globe-trotting would be a great excuse for the lack of blogs but as you all know i am always saying how flexible my Scentsy home business is because i can travel anywhere in the world and work it.  I guess the lack of blogs has simply been because i have been so busy mentoring new scentsy consultants to help them start succesful businesses.  

orville etc dinner

Our Scentsy incentive trip to Crete and Athens was a total five-star treat with no cost or thought spared.  We dined in the best restaurants (one evening Heidi and Orville, Scentsy's owners joined us), we stayed in a 5 star beach front hotel near Poseidon's Temple, had a private guided tour of the Acropolis boat tour to Hydra, Poros and Agenia.  The highlights of the trip were taking Theia for her first paddle, having dinner out with our Scentsy Family from the USA and having two friends join as Scentsy consultants when we got home because they loved our holiday photos.  Simply posting your holiday piccys can grow your business...thats one way to work and travel.

scentsy family

Our trip to Paris was for my 40th birthday present from Scott to make a lifelong ambition come true.  I made a decision straight away not to take my Scentsy business with me for those four days and so i asked our upline directors to stand in for team support etc.  Of course our Team Emerald All Stars are all self starters so they managed fine without us. I dragged Scott and Theia round every art gallery and museum i could fit in on the four days and they didnt moan once, we ate great food and LOVED the french people.  I have to say i cant wait for Scentsy France to open for team members as i will be returning there to meet them all (and enjoy some french culture and food too).  In the end i couldnt help but do a little work as i talked to our hotel manager about the scentsy products, left her a catalogue and samples and told her i will be in touch when she can become one of France's first Scentsy consultants.

 mona lisa - scentsy france

So finally we are here, in our hideaway in Turkey, and i am now thinking mmmmm is best write some blogs ;-) Turkey is a yearly trip and the holiday i most look forward to as Scott and i use it to do LOADS of self-development, both reading and cds.  We do our annual business plans and review our goals and i do the yearly accounts (not so whoo hoo i loath doing the books but doing it in the sun makes it OK).  It i also the time we get to reconnect as a family as everyone is out of school and of course this year is Theia's first trip with us.  It is also the place we come to detox and get real sleep, meditate and recharge the batteries.  

theia and mummy turkey

I really need to make a plan of action for the blogs as we have travels to Manchester for Scentsy UK/Ireland Convention, and trips to open teams for Scentsy in Spain and France later in the Autumn.  Finally we start 2015 with an all expenses paid trip to Cancun, Mexico as we won the summer incentive in a few weeks ago.  I love to travel and live new cultures and i cant believe i can do all this and work as well...all because i joined Scentsy.  If you love what we do and fancy becoming a Scentsy Family Consultant then please drop me a line here for more info.

Want to see the fun we had on our trips...check out our you tube channel xx 










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