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Four Months on with Baby Theia

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Baby Theia - 4 months on

It only seems like yesterday that i was howling like a wounded wildebeest as i battled to give birth to Theia, time flies when you having fun i guess.  Thank you to all of you for your best wishes, kind comments on the gazillions of facebook photos/vids etc we post and gifts.  Theia has been like the smallest and most powerful whirlwind i have ever met - and its amazing.  Scott told me yesterday he didnt remember life before Theia and he could imagine life without her - i thin she has her daddy smitten!

baby theia four months old

Watching Theia grow over the last 16 weeks has been fascinatingand seeing her develop has been like watching the most beautiful flower in the world unfurl.  I am loving being a work from home mummy as i get to see her do all this amazing things (i was back at work with our other daughter when she was 11 weeks old).  

Here are a few highlights for us:

  • Holds up head - from birth
  • Thumb sucking - from birth (so she has a dummy)
  • First ohs and arghs - 2/3 weeks
  • Sleeping in moses basket - 4 weeks 
  • First bottle (she is combine fed) 4 - weeks
  • Starts to smile - 5 weeks
  • Recognises us/sees us leaving rooms - 6 weeks
  • Sleeping through the night - 10pm/8.30am
  • Stepping - 8 weeks
  • Finds her fingers/hands - 8 weeks
  • Talking back and babbling/shouting - 13/14 weeks
  • Became an Irish Citizen with her passport - 15 weeks
  • Kissing back - 16 weeks
  • Starting to find her feet/roll about - 16 weeks

Theia also know when the camera is on her now and went all shy when we shot this little update video for our family and friends.  We hope you enjoy it though - she started to shout loudly as soon as the camera went off.  If you want to be a work from home mum and become a scentsy consultant please contact me here for our FREE info pack.



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