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  1. Christmas Comes Early At Scentsy

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    Launch Of Scentsy's Festive Collection 2019

    Let your holiday spirit shine in all sorts of ways with our 2018 Christmas Scensty Collection, featuring décor and fragrances designed to make your season brighter (and more beautiful)!  

    You can buy our Scentsy Festive waxes, warmers, oils and more right here

    And you can watch Scentsy CEO,Orville Thompson and Scentsy President Heidi Thompson reveal the full collection on this 5 minute video.


    We are bang on trend with our Gnome Warmer - these hairy little guys are everywhere this year...

    Scentsy Gnome Wax Warmer - Gnome for the Holidays Burner 

    Or for the dog lovers out there what about our Boston Blitzen Warmer, featuring a cute pup posed and ready to party in his festive best...

     Scentsy Dog Wax Warmer - Boston Blitzen Festive Burner

    On the festive fragrances front i have to recommend our BEST SELLERS for the last 7 years - Cinnamon Bear and Christmas Cottage.  Both are mirrored by the major jar candle companies but these Scentsy Bars are flame, toxin and soot free and FAB...

     Cinnamon Bear Scentsy Wax Bar

    Christmas Cottage Scentsy Wax Bar

    Now if you are looking for the prefect stocking fillers i think our Buddy Clips are just adorable - Elliot elf and Boris the Yeti both come filled with fragrance and gift boxed with label to add who gave it with love...

    Elliot elf - Scentsy Buddy Clip - Elf Gift 

     Boris the Yeti - Scentsy Buddy Clip - Kids Scentsy Gift

    You can buy our Scentsy Festive waxes, warmers, oils and more right here

  2. Scentsy Product Review - Amber Leaves Scentsy Mini Plug-in Warmer

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    Get Cosy At Home This Autumn With This Mini Wax Warmer


    I love the skeleton leaves that surround this beautiful, yet simplistic Scentsy Amber Leaves Mini Warmer; the beech leaf on it reminds me of a bowl we had in our house that my mum made.  She was ever so proud of her work at night school, those chats about where the bowl came from also inspired me to be a lifelong learner just like my mum!  This bowl always came out in the autumn as part of her home decor, which centred around cozy thorws, warm shades and plenty of cusions for cuddling up in.

    You can order your Amber Leaves Scentsy Mini Warmer and a host of yummy autumnal bars to creat a cozy home direct from our website at https://wick-freecandles.scentsy.ie/.  MAKE SURE to change the flag to your country of choice for direct shipping - if your country doesnt show please send me a messgae HERE and we can arrange direct shipping.

  3. What's In A Scentsy Starter Kit? Scentsy Kit Offer Special On Now

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    Three Different Sales Kits On Offer From Scentsy In September

    If you want to make extra money from home and start your own turnkey business then we know at Scentsy you need to have a sales kit to do this with.  SO we make life very easy for you and provide you with one of the best Starter Kits in Direct Sales (IMO) for an increidibly low price!

    Escential Scentsy Starter Kit - Half Price Join Scentsy Offer Kit 

    For the month of SEPTEMBER only we are offering you the chance to join Scentsy for HALF PRICE with the launch of our Scentsy Escentials Starter Kit.  Here are the conents of the kit:

    * 1 Alabaster Warmer

    * 1 Shimmer Scentsy Bar

    * 1 Autumn/Winter 2018 Fragrance Tester Set

    * 1 pack of Print-Your-Own Labels

    * 1 pack of Order Forms

    * 1 pack of Autumn/Winter 2018 Catalogues

    * 1 pack of Product Lists

    * 1 Quick-Start Guide

    * 1 Consultant Guide

    * 1 Product Training Guide

    Click to Start your Scentsy Business Here

    Of course for those of you who want to make a real business of this you will want to make a great investment in your start up home business so our Standard Starter Kit - or THE BIG ONE as i call it will be right for you:
    Large Scentsy Starter Kit - Everything You Need To Sell Scentsy From Home
    STARTER KIT £85 / €99 
    Alabaster Warmer
    Dream It, Live It, Love It Mini Warmer
    Shimmer Scentsy Bar
    Pink Haze Scentsy Bar
    Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scentsy Bar
    Luna Scent Circle
    Lenny the Lamb Scentsy Buddy
    Jammy Time Scent Pak
    Clothesline Washer Whiffs (16 oz. / 453 g)
    Autumn/Winter ‘18 Fragrance Testers (full set)
    New Consultant Guide
    Quick Start Guide
    Print-Your-Own Labels (1 pack of 10 sheets)
    Autumn/Winter ‘18 Catalogues (1 pack of 25)
    Customer Order Forms (1 pack of 100)
    Product Lists (1 pad of 50)
    Host/Join Brochures (1 pack of 25)
    Product Training Guide
    Scentsy Mini Clipboards
    Catalogue Sacks
    Merchandise Sacks
    Mini Zip Sacks
    Scentsy Opportunity Folders (1 pack of 5)
    Scentsy Wax Molds
    Starter Kit Insulated Tote
    3-Pin Cord
    Mini Warmer Base for Ceramic Mini Warmer
    Come back and REJOIN SCENTSY
    Are you an ex-consultant from Scentsy and want to come back to us - the you can now get our SCENTSY RESTARTER KIT - full of all the business Escentials you require to kick starter your return to selling candles and fragrances from Scentsy.  Here's what is in a Scentsy Restarter Kit:

    REINSTATEMENT KIT £50 / €59 

    Pinhole Paisley Warmer
    Shimmer Scentsy Bar
    Amazon Rain Washer Whiffs (16 oz. / 453 g)
    Autumn/Winter ’18 Fragrance Testers (full set)
    New Consultant Guide
    Autumn/Winter ’18 Catalogues (1 pack of 25)
    Customer Order Forms (1 pack of 100)
    Product Lists (1 pad of 50)
    Product Training Guide
    Host/Join Brochures (1 pack of 25)
    3-Pin Cord

  4. NEW - Scentsy Whiff Box - Samples& New Products All Gift Wrapped

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    Scent With Love In A Scentsy Whiff Box

    ORDER Your Scentsy Whiff Box Here

    Discover a variety of new, trending and seasonal products hand-picked by Scentsy each month!

    With Whiff Box, you’ll get five to eight sample and full-size fragrance items from categories like Scentsy Bars, Laundry and other products to help you take fragrance on the go. Every month's assortment is different, and brimming with fun surprises, but you can always expect to find a “sniff preview” of the next Scent of the Month. And, Whiff Box will always cost you less than buying its contents individually.

    New WHiff Boxes - Amazing Way To Sample Scentsy Each Month

    Whiff Box arrives in a whimsically designed package bedded with tissue and complemented with a note about your box. Ideal for gift-giving!

    If you wish to receive a Whiff Box on a regular basis, join Scentsy Club to schedule recurring shipments! Learn more about Scentsy Club.

  5. Stunning Fireworks Electric Wax Warmer From Scentsy

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    Scentsy Nova Wax Warmer Ignites My Interest

    Well our new Autumn Winter Scentsy Catalogue has taken off like a rocket and its no suprise when we have it packed with such stunning Electric Wax Warmers like the new Scentsy Nova Warmer.   A true original, Nova’s modern shape (like the USA style Scentsy Starburst Wax Warmer) and one-of-a-kind light play on the glass cover will drop a little dazzle into any situation.  With the unique way these are made NO TWO WILL EVER GIVE THE SAME LIGHT - so you are buying a truly one off peice.

    See our product review of the Nova Scentsy Warmer here


    You can BUY your Nova, Scentsy electric wax warmer online here

    Nova is Scentsy's newest 'firework style' peice to complement the Stargaze Scentsy Warmer and Stargazer Scentsy Aromatherapy Diffuser