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  1. Half Price Offer To Join Scentsy In September

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    Start Working From Home For

    Less This September With Scentsy 

    Join Scentsy in September for Half Price 


    Between a GORGEOUS new Scentsy catalogue and our launch of The Disney Collection, there are lots of reasons to get excited about starting a Scentsy business this autumn. And with our £42/€49 Scentsy Escentials Starter Kit, available 1-30 September 2018, it’s a great time for you to start your Scentsy Party Plan Business with us.  This kit is also available in Spain,France, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Usa and Canada - contact us for more details if you want to work from home.

    Our Escentials Starter Kit contains everything a new Consultant needs to launch a successful Scentsy business:

    • Alabaster Scentsy Warmer
    • Shimmer Scentsy Bar
    • 1 Autumn/Winter 2018 Fragrance Tester Set
    • 1 pack of Print-Your-Own Labels
    • 1 pack of Order Forms
    • 1 pack of Autumn/Winter 2018 Catalogues
    • 1 pack of Product Lists
    • 1 Quick-Start Guide
    • 1 Consultant Guide
    • 1 Product Training Guide

    Contents of the kit may vary. Price is VAT inclusive; plus shipping. New Consultants can also op to order the full Starter Kit for £85/€99 in September, which includes HEAPS of additional products.

  2. Awesome Sales Training For Scentsy Consultants

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    How To Make a Scentsy Borrow Bag

    The Scentsy borrow bag is a great way to grow sales in your scentsy business. This simple, easy and cost effective sales tool is designed to be given out to busineses and indivuals so they can try our wonderful products with a view to getting them to purchase, book a party or even join the company as a scentsy business partner. 

    The borrow bag works so well because its easy for consultants with limited stock, income or confidence to do. The video below details how to create your own scentsy borrow bag, so please feel free to share this with your team.

    If you are interested in taking a scentsy borrow bag please contact us here.

  3. Business Tips - Create a Dream Board

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    How to make a brilliant dream board/vision board

    Making a Dream boards is a great motivational tool and a fun way to create a vision for where you want your life to go in the future.  We have a dream board that highlights the travel, free time and fun activities we want to be able to do with our family in the future when we make a success of our Scentsy direct sales business.  These boards show you visually your goals and remind you to keep focused and working hard even when you are struggling – which we all do.

    Making a vision/dream board is quick and easy – simply get many images together from magazine etc.  Add to this a blank sheet of card, coloured pens, glue and scissors (oh its like being back in playschool).  Cut out your inspirational and motivating images and stock them on.  Add on to it words or goals that mean something to you and then pin up the board where you can see it daily.  Remember this is your vision and dreams for the future so put on whatever you want and don’t worry what others think. 

    Make your dream board as powerful a vision of your future life as you can so it draws you forward to success.  Our You Tube Video below gives you a look at how to create a dream board and show you one we have made. 

    Scentsy is the newst party plan candle company in Ireland and the UK and is looking for local consultants to sell and make extra income and get free products etc.  Scentsy is a safe and flameless candle system, soot and toxin free with 80 awesome fragrances plus a range of gift items.  Please pm me for more info using our contact us bar.  People looking to be team leaders are also welcome to ask for our FREE INFO pack.



  4. Business Tip - Never Give Up!

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    What's the Secret to Success? - Dont Quit

     Never never give up seems such an obvious answer to the question what is the secret to success but its rarely if ever taught in a business seminar.  We spend a fortune on books, videos and training manuals full of great ideas and theorys but ultimatly none of them are any use if you are going to throw in the towel easily when it gets a bit tough.   The history books are full of inspiring people, overcoming huge odds and trials to achieve great things; they achieved these because they simply didn't give up.  If you really want success in your business badly enough you simply cannot give up when the going gets tough - this could be the most valuable business skill you ever learn.

    dont-quit - what is the secret to success

    Ok i am not saying labour away forever and a day on something that doesnt work or continually implement an unsuccesful or costly system.  If something isnt working in the business change it, find a new way and move forward - just dont QUIT.  Some of the greatest inventions of all time would still not be here if people quit.  Edison FAILED to make the light bulb over 10000 times but getting it right once brought us light AND made him millions.  People asked him why he failed so many times,'I have not failed' he said 'I have just found 10000 ways that wont work!'.  So next time you fail on something just think 'OK thats another way NOT to do it' and go out and find one way to do it and succeed....just never never give up.



  5. Business Tip - Know your Why!

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    Scentsy CEO, Orville Thompson on the Importance of WHY

    During our recent cruise incentive trip we were making a video for our You Tube channel when Scentsy CEO, Orville Thompson video-bombed us in France.  He kindly agreed to help us out and explain in his words the importance of knowing your WHY!. So we hope you enjoy his words of wisdom on this key goal setting tool (and if you catch his wall climbing stunt we promise you he was not injured.)

    In Scentsy and other direct sales companys we often talk about knowing WHY you join, WHY you are doing this business, WHY you are sticking with it.  Your WHY can be as easy as earning a small monthly wage to pay for a bill or as big as wanting to build a log cabin in the woods.  As Orville says if you dont know your why then any road could get you to your destination BUT it might be a far longer and more ardouous road than the one you take if your know your WHY. Your WHY is your reason for making the effort to seel a product and work the business.

    People's WHYs change and evolve over time, we started wanting to make a monthly income; now I want us to earn enough to move to a sunnier climate and build a home.  If you are a team leader then understanding your team members WHY will help you to support and train them.  If someone in your team is having a hard time making sales or meeting a goal then taking them back to their WHY can reignite passions and refocus minds. 

    If you are interested in earning some extra income, a free holiday or to know more about selling Scentsy please send me an email on our contact us page.  We will send you out our FREE information pack.