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  1. Three Great Reasons To Start A Home Fragrance Business With Scentsy

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    Earn Extra Income & More Starting A Scentsy Business

    We started our Scentsy Home Fragrance Business way back in 2011 with the sole intention to make money, avoid returning to the 9-5 rat race and live the beach money lifestyle.  We had a vision and we made it happen with hard work, drive and partnering with a company that sells amazing products and really cares for our success.   However talking to prospective consultants there are many other amazing reasons they become Scentsy consultants and why they love being thier own bosses.  A few of them agreed to share thier reasons why joining Scentsy was the right business decision for them:

    Change Your Career By Starting A Home Candle Business


    Find Fun and New Friends As A Scentsy Consultant

    Chase New Goals And Find Hidden Skills As Your Own Boss


    Those are just three reasons people have given for making the exciting decision to sign up online start thier home candle business with Scentsy.  What are your reasons? If you want to have a chat about whether this legitimate home based business oppourtunity is right for you then please message me here.




  2. Scentsy Comes To Amsterdam, The Netherlands in August, 2019

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    Amsterdam to Host Annual Scentsy Convention in 2019 

    sfr in amsterdam - scentsy is coming to Amsterdam for direct sales conference

    Scentsy Consultants from UK, Ireland and Europe are exited to paint The City of Freedom purple when they visit Amsterdam for their Annual Direct Sales Scentsy Convention from 15-17 August 2019. Who is joining our Scentsy Team in Amsterdam for this once in a lifetime event?

    Scentsy Family Reunion (SFR) is an annual event and since this will be our eighth SFR in Europe, and the second European-wide one, Scentsy had to choose a location that was centrally located and easy to get to. Plus, we wanted to choose a city that would be a fun and exciting destination for you and your Scentsy family to experience.   

    Scentsy Comes To Amsterdam in August 2019 For Convention 

    Amsterdam is home to colourful houses, unique architecture, canals and bridges and loads more for Scentsy Consultants to enjoying their downtime.  And during the Amsterdam Scentsy Convention we can look forward to everything from product reveals and unique training to TONS of Scentsy Spirit, it’s the can’t-miss event of the year.  Scentsy already has strong links to The Netherlands as our distribution warehouse is based there, and personally we have a lot of Dutch Scentsy Customers as well.

    Did you know you can now buy Scentsy products in The Netherlands - if you want to see our Scentsy catalogue or purchase our Scentsy Bars and Warmers then please contact me here and I can explain how we can ship them to you.





  3. Wandering Wickfree Family Visit Scentsy Teamies in Hawaii

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    Sampling the Scentsy Life In Hawaii This Summer

    Scentsy Hawaii trip with the Wickfree Family


    One of the best things about running our own home fragrance business with Scentsy is that we can work it anywhere in the world and enjoy amazing travel adventures as a family at the same time.  This summer we jetted off to Scentsy Convention in Anaheim, Hung out with amazing Scentsy Family and Upline, The Thurmans in Utah and Wyoming and our last stop was to Oahu, Hawaii. 

    The Wickfree Family Visit Polynesian Centre

    Scentsy SSD, Alexandra Wickfree,visit to see cafe from 50 First Dates

    We had planned our trip in detail by watching 50 First Dates and Moana and honestly hadn't a clue what to expect.  We were blown away by the hospitality of our Hawaii Scentsy Teamies, Becca and Terry and loved Oahu's chilled out vibes, endless food trucks full of shrimp and the amazing scenery and snorkelling.

    Wickfree Family meeting Scentsy Hawaii Team

    Want to see all the fun things the Wickfree Family got up to visiting Scentsy Team In Hawaii below on our You Tube Playlist here: 


    Are you a lover of travel or want to get hte chance to see the world for free with Scentsy Incentive trips then contact us here to find out how you can start your own Scentsy business and make money from home and earn free trips.

    Scentsy Hawaii Team Meeting and fun

  4. What's In A Scentsy Starter Kit? Scentsy Kit Offer Special On Now

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    Three Different Sales Kits On Offer From Scentsy In September

    If you want to make extra money from home and start your own turnkey business then we know at Scentsy you need to have a sales kit to do this with.  SO we make life very easy for you and provide you with one of the best Starter Kits in Direct Sales (IMO) for an increidibly low price!

    Escential Scentsy Starter Kit - Half Price Join Scentsy Offer Kit 

    For the month of SEPTEMBER only we are offering you the chance to join Scentsy for HALF PRICE with the launch of our Scentsy Escentials Starter Kit.  Here are the conents of the kit:

    * 1 Alabaster Warmer

    * 1 Shimmer Scentsy Bar

    * 1 Autumn/Winter 2018 Fragrance Tester Set

    * 1 pack of Print-Your-Own Labels

    * 1 pack of Order Forms

    * 1 pack of Autumn/Winter 2018 Catalogues

    * 1 pack of Product Lists

    * 1 Quick-Start Guide

    * 1 Consultant Guide

    * 1 Product Training Guide

    Click to Start your Scentsy Business Here

    Of course for those of you who want to make a real business of this you will want to make a great investment in your start up home business so our Standard Starter Kit - or THE BIG ONE as i call it will be right for you:
    Large Scentsy Starter Kit - Everything You Need To Sell Scentsy From Home
    STARTER KIT £85 / €99 
    Alabaster Warmer
    Dream It, Live It, Love It Mini Warmer
    Shimmer Scentsy Bar
    Pink Haze Scentsy Bar
    Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scentsy Bar
    Luna Scent Circle
    Lenny the Lamb Scentsy Buddy
    Jammy Time Scent Pak
    Clothesline Washer Whiffs (16 oz. / 453 g)
    Autumn/Winter ‘18 Fragrance Testers (full set)
    New Consultant Guide
    Quick Start Guide
    Print-Your-Own Labels (1 pack of 10 sheets)
    Autumn/Winter ‘18 Catalogues (1 pack of 25)
    Customer Order Forms (1 pack of 100)
    Product Lists (1 pad of 50)
    Host/Join Brochures (1 pack of 25)
    Product Training Guide
    Scentsy Mini Clipboards
    Catalogue Sacks
    Merchandise Sacks
    Mini Zip Sacks
    Scentsy Opportunity Folders (1 pack of 5)
    Scentsy Wax Molds
    Starter Kit Insulated Tote
    3-Pin Cord
    Mini Warmer Base for Ceramic Mini Warmer
    Come back and REJOIN SCENTSY
    Are you an ex-consultant from Scentsy and want to come back to us - the you can now get our SCENTSY RESTARTER KIT - full of all the business Escentials you require to kick starter your return to selling candles and fragrances from Scentsy.  Here's what is in a Scentsy Restarter Kit:

    REINSTATEMENT KIT £50 / €59 

    Pinhole Paisley Warmer
    Shimmer Scentsy Bar
    Amazon Rain Washer Whiffs (16 oz. / 453 g)
    Autumn/Winter ’18 Fragrance Testers (full set)
    New Consultant Guide
    Autumn/Winter ’18 Catalogues (1 pack of 25)
    Customer Order Forms (1 pack of 100)
    Product Lists (1 pad of 50)
    Product Training Guide
    Host/Join Brochures (1 pack of 25)
    3-Pin Cord

  5. Half Price Offer To Join Scentsy In September

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    Start Working From Home For

    Less This September With Scentsy 

    Join Scentsy in September for Half Price 


    Between a GORGEOUS new Scentsy catalogue and our launch of The Disney Collection, there are lots of reasons to get excited about starting a Scentsy business this autumn. And with our £42/€49 Scentsy Escentials Starter Kit, available 1-30 September 2018, it’s a great time for you to start your Scentsy Party Plan Business with us.  This kit is also available in Spain,France, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Usa and Canada - contact us for more details if you want to work from home.

    Our Escentials Starter Kit contains everything a new Consultant needs to launch a successful Scentsy business:

    • Alabaster Scentsy Warmer
    • Shimmer Scentsy Bar
    • 1 Autumn/Winter 2018 Fragrance Tester Set
    • 1 pack of Print-Your-Own Labels
    • 1 pack of Order Forms
    • 1 pack of Autumn/Winter 2018 Catalogues
    • 1 pack of Product Lists
    • 1 Quick-Start Guide
    • 1 Consultant Guide
    • 1 Product Training Guide

    Contents of the kit may vary. Price is VAT inclusive; plus shipping. New Consultants can also op to order the full Starter Kit for £85/€99 in September, which includes HEAPS of additional products.