Scentsy Kids Buddy Clips - Buy Scentsy Scented Candles UK- Enjoy our child safe, flamefree scented candles in one of our handcrafted electric wax warmers. We have over 50 warmers and 80 fragrances on sale


Clip-on, collectible and oh-so-cute, these fuzzy friends are filled with scented beads that deliver kid-friendly fragrance anytime, anywhere. Great for backpacks and bedrooms!

  • Bandit the Horse + Candy Dandy Fragrance Buddy Clip

  • Bubbles the Octopus + Berry Bubble Blue Fragrance Buddy Clip

  • Lenny the Lamb + Jammy Time Fragrance Buddy Clip

  • Mollie the Monkey Buddy Clip + Jungle Jam Buddy Clip

  • Oakley the Owl Buddy Clip + Oodles of Orange Buddy Clip

  • Scout the Dragon + Wild What-a-Melon Fragrance Buddy Clip

  • Stella the Unicorn Buddy Clip + Rockin' Ruby Razz Buddy Clip