Emerald All Stars - Newbies Training

WHOO HOOO so you did it, you joined Scentsy, you started your own business and took your life into your own hands - Well Done! The information on this page is designed to help you make the very best start to your Scentsy business and to help you grow as a person.  You can also find support directly from our Emerald All Stars team page (ask your mentor to add you) and directly from your Sponsor, Director and Scott and I.

When you start with Scentsy you are enrolled in the company's Scentsational Start programme and the company will send you regular emails and fun videos and training ideas over the first 70 days to help you enjoy the best start.   We have three simple goals for your Scentsational Start and these come with rewards - they are:

  1. First 15 days with Scentsy earn your Shooting Star Award for sales over 500PRV (that's points not currency)  and you WIN a charm, bracelet and certificate and earn a super discounted display/sales kit (details in your workstation resources tab)
  2. Promote to CERTIFIED consutlant by the end of the first month you join - this brings a 5% instant payrise bonus
  3. Hit Scentsational Start level 2 or 3 in your first 70 days - win a cash prize (product credit on your account), pin badge and certificate. You can do this with high sales AND building a team as well and we can train you all together

So it is time to start your Scentsational Start - good luck and remember if you need support ask your personal sponsor, then ask on team page or if still unsure approach your team director for additional support.  You will learn lots in your first 70 days and we advise you tackle it as if 'EATING AN ELEPHANT" you digest the information one chunk at a time!


  • LOGIN IN TO YOUR WORKSATION AND COMPLETE THE WORKSTATION TOUR AND SCENTSATIONAL START CHECKLIST I- these are top tips known to work for people wanting a succesful business launch - Click here if you cant see it on your workstation - First things checklist
  • ALSO CLICK THE MARKETING RESOURCES TAB AND READ EVERYTHING UNDER THE NEW CONSUTLANTS TAB including the fast start guide and consultants guide (you will get a paper copy in your kit as well - do use it.

You can access an amazing fast start course to help you meet the Scentsational Start goals by doing our base camp course you can access our interactive BASE CAMP training by clicking here for the full ten week challenge list.

Fast Stater Guide - great info in one sheet - click here to download in english

NOT GETTING SCENTSATIONAL START EMAILS - download the full list here

How to track your Scentsy Starter Kit and Scentsy Orders Video

Want to know when your starter kit is coming - watch this video so you can track your kit and your future orders.

Tips to get started with Scentsy - you tube video series - 6 vids/ Total time 30 mins

This video series will help you to work out your action plan for the next few weeks.

Your list of 100 - print one here - print off your list and fill it in - here is a guide to help you think of your top 100 contacts or use this awesome blog as well to help you: http://charmedsuite.com/building-your-direct-sales-leads-using-f-r-a-n-k-s/

Top Tips for a Great Launch Party - Our guide to how to throw a successful scentsy starter party so you can earn your SHOOTING STAR AWARD! These are the things your MUST KNOW before booking your launch!

To sell Scentsy well you need to know what the core products are and how they work - here is a video to explain it.  And this video will show you how our warmers are handcrafted.

More download documents to get your partys humming:

Before your Scentsy Party

During your Scentsy Party

After your Scentsy party

Tracey T's Guide to Great Scentsy Parties

80 Ways to get Party Bookings

Candle Talk - get the facts about candles v's scentsy - loads of great info for party talks

hostess coaching

 Also check out your Scentsy Workstation for party games and other booking tip sheet and party props

How to make a Scentsy Order Video 

Step by Step guide to making your first Scentsy Order

How to make sales with Scentsy Borrow Bags Video

Another great way to get your sales rolling in is to give out borrow bags to people, local businesses etc.  This video explains how to make them up and delvier them out.

How to make Scentsy Samples Videos

Scentsy samples are a gret and cheap way to spread the message about what you are doing and let people see how great our products smell.

How to package your Scentsy orders with a WOW factor.

Make every customer feel like they are having a mini christmas when they recieve thier order from you.

How to use facebook to start building a team.

Great vids/presentations on how to start using social media to really build your scentsy team - pm scott or ie for more 1-1 training on this.

Also view this powerpoint and we are going to upload the training calls soon.... /sitefiles/25/7/6/257688/facebook_recruting.pptx

YEAHHHH - so you recruited your first team member and now you are thinking OH NO - dont panic we have got you on this too!  Being a first time sponsor is like being a first time parent and man are you in a panic.  However just like with your children you instinctivly know what to show your new teamies - show them EXACTLY what we showed you.  Being a great sponsor is about keeping things simple, not reinventig the wheel because it already works (look at you now being a success).  So just teach them the things we showed you and use this page as a guide of things to share with them, share the page link with them too.  Finally use this awesome checklist to see when you should be contacting them (as a minimum) in thier first 70 days and how you can help them.

Good Luck new leader and remember if you need help just drop us a line - or friend us on facebook for support.  Oh and if you want to be a director and above then please contact me and ask about our Rising Stars programme and how it can help you.